Early in February I created a module to run as a scheduled task with the sole purpose of deleting unauthorised users. It was a simple process of executing a stored procedure to flag unauthorised users as “IsDeleted” a pre-set number of minutes after they had registered.

Since then I have rewritten the module to remove the stored procedure and instead call DNN to delete unauthorised users. I have also extended the module to optionally remove deleted users after a pre-set number of days since the user registered.

This is a suite of two modules:

  • DNN-DeleteUnauthorisedUsers
  • dwsEditPortalSettings

Both these modules are available on GitHub Install packages are also available on my downloads page.


This is a module installed in the admin folder. I don’t know if this would be the accepted location for the module but as it is a Schedule Task and not a DeskTopModule I thought this would be the best location.

As part of its installation process the module creates a Scheduled Task with default values as follows:


No portal settings are added to the PortalSettings table on installation. This means that, although the schedule will run the task, no users will be deleted or removed.


This is a companion module used to create and edit the portal settings used by DNN-DeleteUnauthorisedUsers.

The module uses user security to denote what the module can do. The user must be a member of the Administrators role or a Super User. If not a member of either and the module has All Users view permission then a message will be displayed to this effect.


Members of the administrators role will only see their own portal settings.


Super Users will see settings for all portals in the DNN instance.


Both these modules are available on GitHub

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